Director Scott Cronan's Forgiveness is a Weapon named BEST SHORT FILM at the Festival of World Cinema in London.

(See more about the director's trip overseas in our blog.)

Forgiveness is a Weapon is an intimate, artistic portrayal of one man's psyche as he is propelled forward by life toward his death.

Spanning eight vignettes that tell the story of two lovers torn apart by war and literally sewn together, the 35 minute art film is an expression of the relationships between love and war, beauty and pain, and ultimately the fear and vulnerability that go along with each.

Set to the music of LA's orchestral indie rock band, Archer Black, Forgiveness is a Weapon is a dark and beautiful film that touches the center of each of us. Shot over the course of a year, director Scott Cronan collaborated with many of LA's extremely talented independent artists from composer Dustin Morgan, founder of Archer Black, and aerialists Womack and Bowman and Elizabeth Newton to fine artist David Lucien, who's had a rare blood disease since childhood and paints with his own blood, to our leads, Luke Barnett and Jennifer Albrent, and contortionist Emilie Livingston among many other talented dancers, painters, and musicians.
Forgiveness is a Weapon pushes the boundaries of cinematic storytelling through combining hauntingly beautiful imagery and a unique and powerful score that stay with the audience long after leaving the theater.