Today was the first day of film screenings at the International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema London. I met many great filmmakers and watched a dozen or so short films. A few of them stood out:

W 3sixty5 (USA) - Directed by Shane Ries 

Nighthawks (China) - Directed by Gianpaolo Lupori

Borderline (Italy) - Directed by Luca Tobia Forcignano Serri

Someone (Russia) - Directed by Alena Spirina

Summer of Tom (France) - Directed by David Lueza

My favorite film of the day was Summer of Tom. A beautifully shot romantic comedy about two neighbors who meet one afternoon and have an instant connection that quickly goes awry when the woman's ex lover comes back into her life.  

Its been interesting to connect with other indie filmmakers from around the globe. Each of us on our own path intersecting at this moment in London. 

Tomorrow, Forgiveness is a Weapon will screen. I am looking forward to share it with so many people from all over the world. 


I think back on what it took to make my film. We shot for 20 days over the period of a year. There were over 50 people involved in various capacities from crew, cast, performers, and support. 


Much of myself and what I had been dealing with during the year of production is present in some form on the screen. I have been told by many friends who have seen it that they feel they know me on a deeper level never before possible before seeing my film. 


That statement didn't immediately make sense to me, but I do understand it more now. We as individuals don't usually walk around exposing our deepest selves to those around us. Even to those closest to us. It is through artistic expression that we are able to freely express who we are at our core. 

I pledge to continue to share myself this way through my art, but to also be more willing to share myself in every personal interaction with those around me.

Love and kindness are stronger than fear and doubt.