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The Encourage Creativity videos are part of a suite of arts education advocacy tools - designed to help you inform your community, inspire your friends, and impact the world. These videos tell the real story behind the numbers and data. Let your audience hear directly from students whose lives have been transformed by the arts.

We were proud to team with Washington D.C. based non-profit Amercians for the Arts and give life to the stories of the arts making a difference in the lives of children every day. 

We approached this project with the same passion and direction as we do will all of our work, coming from truth and emotion first and using this powerful art form to share that authentic space with the audience.

Help spread these stories and take action to ensure all children across the country have access to the arts in their education. It is vital to our future and the future of each individual child as they grow into young adults. Encourage creativity. Teach the Arts.